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I have lived in Centerville for sixteen years and have been a lifelong Davis County resident living in Centerville, Farmington, Kaysville and Centerville again.  I feel closely connected to this community with ancestry having settled in Centerville during the early pioneer migration. 


I currently serve as a member of the Centerville City Planning Commission and have served in many roles throughout the community over the years.  I hold a Bachelor of Science degree (Finance) from the University of Utah (Magna Cum Laude) and a Master of Real Estate Development degree from the University of Southern California’s School of Policy, Planning and Development. 

I have worked for a real estate development company (The Boyer Company) for twenty-three years with a focus on healthcare real estate development (medical offices, surgery centers, skilled nursing facilities, etc). 


Over 90% of my work has been repeat business.  I and my firm have earned the trust of clients across the country, who have used our services for nearly four decades and value my expertise, professionalism and integrity.  As part of my most recent project development approvals in September 2021, the local city unanimously approved the project and stated, "Development is a two-way street and we appreciate developers who reach out to us proactively and are willing to accept our feedback from staff.  Thank you.”  


I also completed a project bordering the South Temple Historic District in Salt Lake City where we held community outreach meetings and collaborated the building design with the neighborhood committee head.  I not only received their approval for the project, but they endorsed it and attended the groundbreaking.  


As a company we have been awarded several projects in collaboration with many cities who recognize our ability to understand their needs and deliver on our promises including the City of Ogden, Boise, Tempe, Phoenix and more. 

I believe my experience and skill sets in finance, budgeting, and understanding of community land use and building development, combined with effective communication and interpersonal interaction, uniquely qualify me as a candidate for Centerville City Council.


I am a husband and father of three children and son-in-law (a granddog too) and love to spend time with them both outdoors and indoors.  I enjoy outdoor and endurance sports (Ironman), biking (road/mountain), running/hiking, swimming, skiing - also working in my yard and garden.


I have my earliest childhood memories of living in Centerville above Stewart Elementary on 1200 North, playing in the backyard with family and friends.  My family (son of Lynn and Ann Summerhays) moved to Farmington when I started kindergarten.  After graduating from high school, I started college and then served a church mission.  Upon returning, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Finance degree from the University of Utah (Magna Cum Laude).  During that time, I married my wife Julie (now married twenty-two years) and we welcomed our first child.  Wanting to further my education, I earned my Master of Real Estate Development from the University of Southern California’s School of Policy, Planning and Development receiving honors recognition.


After living in Kaysville for several years and two children later, I found my way back to Centerville eleven years ago.  In these years I have come to appreciate Centerville even more as I learned that my pioneer ancestors (Charles C. Rich and family) first settled and farmed near the corner of 400 West and Porter Lane.  Among many life lessons my parents, wife and personal experience have taught me are, the value of working hard and working smart, organizing and prioritizing tasks and time, finding common ground, being patiently proactive and creating an environment of input and feedback to create solutions that result in a feeling of understanding and agreement.  

Julie and I are proud parents of three children (ages 14-20) as well as a son-in-law and granddog (Merlin).

I am a healthcare real estate developer with a focus on providing communities with the development of medical office buildings, skilled nursing facilities, surgery and imaging centers, surgical hospitals and related healthcare facilities.  I have worked at The Boyer Company (Salt Lake City) for twenty-three years.  As part of my work, I interact frequently with city staff, Planning Commissions and City Councils throughout the country and appreciate their work and efforts to represent their cities as best as they can. 

Sampling of Community Service

Centerville City Planning Commission – March 2020 to present
Viewmont High School Mountain Bike Team – Parent Ride Leader
Viewmont High Choirs Annual Tour – Parent Chaperone Coordinator 
Taylor Elementary – WatchDog Dads
Parent Volunteer – Taylor Elementary, Centerville Junior High, Viewmont High School
United Way Young Leaders Leadership Council
Winter Olympics – Course Crew, Downhill

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